Are you often feeling frustrated, constrained or finding yourself becoming increasingly agitated?

Have you reached a point in your life, where to the outside world, you have achieved great success, but somehow, deep down inside, there is still a feeling of emptiness or a sense of lack in your life?

Do you often feel…

That ‘just’ getting out of bed is a challenge?
A sense of frustration, with one or more aspects, of your life?
Like your contributions don’t even matter?
If any of these questions speak to you then Step Away For a Day is specifically created for you!

Step Away For A Day and address these feelings of discontent!

Step Away For a Day will support you taking those initial small steps towards developing a healthier and more loving relationship with your true self. We create a safe, compassionate and non-judgemental space to begin this journey at your ideal pace.
Enjoy the mix of contemplations, our signature method ‘pyramid model’ and vision-board experience that build upon each other throughout, and beyond, the day itself.

We will help you to reharness and redeploy lost, and often wasted energy…

You will learn to plug into and utilize your own abundant supply of natural energy from within. Enjoy the benefits of enhancing your relationship with yourself and creating new insights about who you are and what you are REALLY about.
Once you begin to experience the power, liberation and, often relief, of loving yourself more and more, and realising your own beauty, amazing things can happen. These amazing things include:

Vastly improved relationships with others, at home, at work and other important relationships.
Improved work performance and structure in how you balance key activities in your life.
Improved health and improved chances of living a longer, happier and more fulfilled life.
  • The power of heart-focused breathing as you complete three powerful guided reflections.
  • The use of journaling and a powerful Vision-Board experience to help embody, with true clarity, what matters most in your life
  • Your ability to become more discerning about where you expend your energy, or not.
  • Techniques and practice skills that enhance your mental fitness.

Meet Your Guides

Seamus Power

I bring a lifetime of experience, learning and self-discovery into helping you do the same in your life. I love helping people experiencing the joy and liberation of living from your heart with true authentic, personal purpose.
PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland) Member
Division of Health Psychology member
HeartMath Coach
Certified HeartMath® Coach

Having spent the bulk of my career in Corporate employment, I came to a point in my career where I began to question why, on the face of things I had been “successful”, but somehow, deep down, there was an increasing sense of unhappiness and lack of joy in my life.

By taking time out to put a laser focus on what I REALLY wanted to do with my life and how I better serve myself and others I invested in developing a better connection and love with my true authentic self.

This included investing in education, developing north star clarity in how I would serve others and then establish Powering Health as the delivery channel for that purpose.

Pascale Lutz

Born in Paris, I have been living in Ireland for 37 years. Through my own life experience, including recovery from a serious accident in my teens, I realised and learned how to better connect with and trust my own innate intuitive powers.
Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) Practitioner
EFT Adv.3 Practitioner
Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Practitioner
IET Master Instructor

This has helped me develop spirituality and in all aspects of my life. I learned to listen with increasing confidence, and act upon that intuition, in all the years I have been in Ireland. Becoming a Master instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy has helped me further hone those skills.

As a result, I created my beauty salon, my EFT practice, my jewellery, the publication of two books, positivity decks of cards and an interactive eco Journal for children. All this because I listened to my intuition and learned to “go with the flow” of that authentic connection to self. I now love helping people on the journey to being (comfortable being) their true selves, shed the superfluous and especially follow their own intuition without fear.

Sue Landsberg

I have a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and how to harness, align and integrate our whole system intelligence for greater mental clarity, emotional resilience, physical strength and spiritual connection.
Having struggled with severe social and general anxiety for 38 years I transformed my own life so dramatically and positively that I now share what I believe are the keys to enjoying greater health, happiness and positive success with my clients through coaching and workshops.
Whole system wellbeing executive coach, Mindfulness facilitator

Join many others who have already started on their journey!

Liz Kellond
Well how can I put into words that truly express the benefits of working with Seamus? Amazing results we’ve had and I’ve been plugging away at these issues doggedly for some years, who’d have known that some sessions with Seamus would fix so much? I have experienced physical improvements on pain levels which have been maintained now over a couple of months. This was a by-product of our work, it happened spontaneously during a session which was aimed at balancing my heart. As I let go of embedded trauma I find that I am physically warmer, no surprise there really. I am more at peace within myself, a welcome event. I am therefore accomplishing more in my daily activities and sleeping better too. All in all these sessions have been extremely valuable. So far I cut the duration of an AFib attack down to less than a day again instead of weeks’ duration, this is real progress. These changes show in my face and my family are delighted too!
Denise Cambiotti Owner and Course Designer – Muscle Tuners International Inc.
I had an amazing visualization a few days ago, and simply – – – WOW – – -!
Remembering to have a conversation with my heart and soul while doing my breathing exercise definitely created a positive shift! Looking forward to many more by being sure to engage in this type of conversation again!
Michael R
I had struggled for many years really trusting my own ability and second-guessing myself. I found working with Seamus helped me put the most important things in my life in better perspective and better appreciate my own worth. I am now showing up with more confidence and amazed at how this improved inner-belief changes how I engage with others and vice versa. I loved the pyramid model Seamus used during our work together as it really helped visually reinforce where I pay attention when I might have struggled before.
THC Consult
Step away for a day is wonderfully thought-provoking event which offers the busy professional or the transitional employee a chance to re-ground, review and re-establish direction which serves the whole being, their loved ones and the act of interpreting life and work. Well done,
Claire Coleman
Step away for a literally what it says& means!

Its one of the best day courses I was ever at.

Go with & breath through your heart and get away from all the busy lives we have and discover what really & truly matters!

Seamus & Pascale are outstanding tutors and guide you throughout the day.

Seamus also does follow up zoom sessions afterwards with individuals which I think is definitely fantastic that you follow through what really matters to you!
I would highly recommend this course; you won’t regret it 🙂

Step Away For A Day – what you get

  1. Tools and techniques that allow you to better tune into your own core needs in the cut and thrust of your busy life
  2. Your personalised programme workbook and Vision-Board to help nurture, experience and create more ease and flow in all aspects of your life
  3. A post-event 1-1 follow-up meeting (recommended) to help sustain and nourish how you show up for yourself and others
  4. A “food is medicine” lunch and refreshments throughout the day in a beautifully quiet and secluded location
  5. A Certificate of Completion and a number of small gifts to set you up for renewed success

Event date and location updates

DateVenueLocationBooking status
May 2023Mount St. Annes Killenard, Portarlington, Co. LaoisTo Be Announced
June 2023
Mount St. Annes
Killenard, Portarlington, Co. LaoisTo Be Announced