Step Away For A Day (special promotion)


During this unique experience. you will:

  • Learn simple techniques that enhance your mental fitness.
  • Embody your reflections through a powerful vision board exercise to help consolidate what has come up during the day.
  • Enhance your relationship with yourself
  • Improve how you engage and work with others at home and in the workplace
  • :Learn how to use the power of heart-focused breathing in helping you to respond better in any challenging situation


Learn to love and better appreciate your own worth

  • Enjoy a small, intimate group experience limited to only 6 participants.
  • Record and take away your personal thoughts and insights from the day in our specifically designed programme workbook.
  • Create and take way your personal “Vision Board” during the day – this, along with your workbook, act as a reminder and reinforcement, of what REALLY matters most in your life
  • By the end of the day, create a real sense of purpose and “oneness” within yourself.