What is unique about Powering Health’s approach?

The Service

  • Evaluation of current lifestyle behaviours (based on self-report of diet, exercise and stress level)
  • Highly collaborative approach in agreeing specific behaviours to target for change
  • Creation of Personalised Behaviour Change (PBC) plan with specific and agreed targets
  • You decide and influence what is included in your specific program commitments
  • Founded on scientifically validated behaviour change theories and research
  • High focus on reinforcing permanent lifestyle change is achieved
  • Peer support highly encouraged through and post program closure

The Benefits

  • Feeling more energised than before
  • More productive and more highly motivated to sustain a healthier lifestyle
  • Happier outlook on life
  • Reduced risk of acquiring one or multiple of our most common ailments (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, COPD…)
  • Near- and longer-term healthcare costs savings associated with taking lifestyle-change control today