Rolf Mueller (Feb, 2019)

I had tried for years to lose weight with limited or no success. The Powering Health programme gave me the tools to change my Mindset AND Behaviours. I have lost 15 Kilos in under 6 months and I am able to maintain my target weight effortlessly. Thank you for your support during this journey.

Emma P. (Mar, 2019)

Seamus supported me in making specific diet and exercise changes a reality – specifically, in carving out the time to make lasting change happen. Seamus’s customized approach helped in motivating me to establish a balance that worked for my specific circumstances. Thank you Seamus and Hong for keeping me on track.

Stress Intervention and Management Sessions – South Dublin library participant feedback (Sep, 2019)

Loved all the extra resources and it was so organised and lots of great information

Enlightening session – handouts were excellent

Very relevant to the world we live in now. Seamus sharing his own experience was good. Should give these talks in schools

Slow down, self-aware and deep breathing are very empowering

Seamus delivered a relaxed but very informative session. Glad to have attended

Seamus was very informative, and I really enjoyed the session